Personal Health Care

SILKEVER Sleep Sack offers the best option for sleeping comfort. Designed for travel or every day use, SILKEVER Sleep Sack is made of light weight 100% natural, dye free, Habotai silk. Travelers using SILKEVER Sleep Sack will welcome the sense of well-being which is provided with each use. No need to wonder about heavily laundered hotel bedding. Think no more of disinfected sheets or strange bedding which may “bug” or unsettle your night. Rest assured, SILKEVER Sleep Sack is a personal hygiene solution which offers peace of mind, comfort, convenience and quality. Surround yourself in 100% natural dye free silk for sleeping in a roomy fit all size 92" x 42". SILKEVER, Life’s Little Luxury.

Comfort of Silk

Silk, a gift from Nature: Pure, Natural, and Simple. Silk has been an enduring sign of Luxury. It has been prized for its softness and comfort and offers added benefits of being a natural fiber. SILKEVER Sleep Sack will retain body heat when the air is cooler, and release excess body heat when the air is warmer because Silk fibers are breathable. Silk fibers absorb body moisture and whisk it into the air. Silk fiber products have less tendency of provoking reactions in those who are allergy sensitive . Our dye free product, has been designed for those with sensitive skin. SILKEVER Sleep Sack is an environmentally friendly, Green product, which has declined the use of fabric dyes which may be harmful to the environment.

Travel Ease

SILKEVER Silk Sack is made of nearly weightless silk. It folds flat and slips easily into the smallest space for travel. Our product is received in a clear, water resistant, reusable carrying pouch. The pouch acts as a barrier for moisture and a sanitary solution for keeping the item soil and germ free. There is no need for baggage inspectors to touch this personal item. SILKEVER Sleep Sack is clearly visible through the reusable pouch. SILKEVER Sleep Sack offers easy travel care. It can be washed by hand or machine washed on gentle cycle. Air dry or machine dry briefly on a low heat setting. Refold and store in the reusable pouch.